Crumby Universal Image Browser

Crumby Universal Image Browser

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Browse through your favorite galleries at the speed of light. Crumby is your go-to choice for downloading the web's best images straight to your Android phone.

Current Features:
★ UNIVERSAL WEBSITE COMPATIBILITY*: View any supported image gallery within Crumby.
★ INFINITE SCROLLING GALLERIES: Every gallery you browse will only stop displaying images once you've scrolled to the very bottom.
★ GROW AND SHRINK GRID: Pinch and zoom to see the gallery as a sequence or as a grid of images.
★ OMNIBAR SEARCH: Scour the web for the images that match exactly what you want using Bing by Microsoft.
★ INSTANT GALLERY SUGGESTIONS: See 13,000 possible image galleries that are similar to what you're typing in a flash.
★ INFINITE DOWNLOAD: Save and manage as many images as you can fit on your device.
★ URL BREADCRUMBS: Quickly navigate between image, galleries, and entire website hierarchies.
★ INSTANT SUPPORT: Post any question, feature request, and bug report directly to the development team in the app or .
★ AND MORE: Crumby is being developed daily. With your feedback in hand, we'll give you the best image browsing experience on Android.

Note: Currently, Crumby is an Open Beta and, as such, supports the following websites only*:
★ Danbooru: the best Japanese anime/manga/doujinishi drawings.
★ Imgur: the English-speaking world's most popular imagehost.
★ Derpibooru: My Little Pony and its fandom.
★ Gelbooru
★ e621

DISCLAIMER: Crumby does not own or condone any content viewed through it. All rights are reserved for the content creators and/or websites which host these images.

- Bing by Microsoft: Universal Text Search API (
- Picasso by Square Inc: Android image downloading and caching library (
- Otto by Square Inc: Android event bus. (
- Photoview by Chris Banes: Zoom-in, zoom-out, view for images. (
- Uservoice by Uservoice: Custom and built-in user support library. (
- Music in Trailer: "Please Listen Carefully" by Jahzzar

O que mudou recentemente nesta versão

New: You can now login to Derpibooru, use your filter, and view your watched, upvoted, uploaded and favourites content.
New: e621 is now supported (Pools are not yet supported)
Bug Fix: Small thumbnails for Derpibooru select a bigger image to display in the grid.
Fix: Settings button for older Android phones is now turned "off" by default.
Fix: Very small screen sizes are no longer supported.

Comentários e avaliações de Crumby Universal Image Browser
  • (70 estrelas)

    por Aaron Pratt em 27/07/2014

    This app has a lot of potential. For derpibooru I would suggest trying to add a option to view tags in app and settings like show safe, nsfw, etc

  • (70 estrelas)

    por Roy Fuentes em 24/07/2014

    It's something I use frequently when I go image hunting, and if it had this, this app would be perfect

  • (70 estrelas)

    por Gary Littlejohn em 24/07/2014

    Nice interface. Omits images normally hidden unless logged in on derpibooru (questionable, spoiler, etc...) - Would Love to see the ability to log in, view favorites, uploads, and such. Also settings apparently does nothing. Very Nice otherwise.

  • (70 estrelas)

    por Fizzy Note em 21/07/2014

    Finally i can open boorus quickly, it works great, awesome job... :D

  • (70 estrelas)

    por Johnathan Banks em 21/07/2014

    This app is better than the imgur app, pat yourself on the back. It loads gifs faster than anything I have ever used on mobile, simple to multi select save download, no irrelevant permissions, and so much more. If I had one complaint it would be the non-true holo blue design. Make blacks darker. Keep up the good work.

  • (70 estrelas)

    por Flutter Fan em 21/07/2014

    When I tap menu, and then settings, nothing happens. I want to see advanced features, like seeing feed from only the boorus I like and log in to show my watched tags only. Crumby is really faster than a regular internet browser, because it loads only the images & small data, rather than the whole webpage with all its elements. But the only way it can replace my browser is to give me the ability to

  • (70 estrelas)

    por Connor S. em 20/07/2014

    This app currently is very functional in what it does support, which is unified image browsing, but it currently lacks some things that I hope will be added in the feature such as the ability to share images via copy and pasting links, the ability to hide certain image sites from everywhere and more unified tag options would be nice to see in the future. I'm going to be hanging onto this app beca