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Crumby Universal Image Browser

Crumby Universal Image Browser

5.000 - 10.000 downloads

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Crumby is your go-to choice for downloading the web's best images straight to your Android phone.

Current Features:
★ UNIVERSAL WEBSITE COMPATIBILITY*: View any supported image gallery within Crumby.
★ INFINITE SCROLLING GALLERIES: Every gallery you browse will only stop displaying images once you've scrolled to the very bottom.
★ GROW AND SHRINK GRID: Pinch and zoom to see the gallery as a sequence or as a grid of images.
★ OMNIBAR SEARCH: Scour the web for the images that match exactly what you want using Bing by Microsoft.
★ INSTANT GALLERY SUGGESTIONS: See 13,000 possible image galleries that are similar to what you're typing in a flash.
★ INFINITE DOWNLOAD: Save and manage as many images as you can fit on your device.
★ URL BREADCRUMBS: Quickly navigate between image, galleries, and entire website hierarchies.
★ INSTANT SUPPORT: Post any question, feature request, and bug report directly to the development team in the app or .
★ AND MORE: Crumby is being developed daily. With your feedback in hand, I'll build you the best image browsing experience on Android.

Note: Currently, Crumby is an Open Beta and, as such, supports the following websites:
★ Danbooru
★ Imgur
★ Derpibooru
★ DeviantArt.
★ Gelbooru
★ e621
★ Konachan
★ FurAffinity
★ SankakuComplex Chan
★ 20% Cooler
★ Inkbunny (ALPHA, Use at your own risk)

DISCLAIMER: Crumby does not own or condone any content viewed through it. All rights are reserved for the content creators and/or websites which host these images.

- Bing by Microsoft: Universal Text Search API (
- Picasso by Square Inc: Android image downloading and caching library (
- Otto by Square Inc: Android event bus. (
- Photoview by Chris Banes: Zoom-in, zoom-out, view for images. (
- Uservoice by Uservoice: Custom and built-in user support library. (
- Music in Trailer: "Please Listen Carefully" by Jahzzar

Tags: crumby.

O que mudou recentemente nesta versão

New: Konachan Suppor
New: You can now specify if images should be downloaded into sub-folders or just the main folder.
Fix: Downloads should now work across all Android 4.0+ versions.
Fix: Plugged up several memory leaks in the app.
Fix: Search fields now are single-line and search when user presses done.

Comentários e avaliações de Crumby Universal Image Browser
  • (69 estrelas)

    por Jordan Woyach em 22/09/2014

    This app is awesome. But I have to restart my tablet to see the pictures I've downloaded.

  • (69 estrelas)

    por Da Bulder em 20/09/2014

    I like, but why does it need to run in the background?

  • (69 estrelas)

    por DerpishCat Asshat em 20/09/2014

    Thanks to this app I no longer need to browse clunky websites optimized for desktops.

  • (69 estrelas)

    por Kenneth Jackson em 20/09/2014

    I'm one of those guys that likes to save and collect my favorite images for fear of it being removed (which does happen). Crumby's latest update allows me to save over 500 images in a few minutes that would normally take me an hour to sort through. I simply love it <3

  • (69 estrelas)

    por iisi ø em 19/09/2014

    More robust than CartonBox. Fewer "Download failed" notices. Easier viewing of image tags in default view. Much reduced image area when rotating from portrait to landscape for better view of a wide image (can tap again for fullscreen, but hides tags). Both apps sometimes crash after viewing a number of images. Both also have several parts of the interface where the back button goes more than one s

  • (69 estrelas)

    por DarkKirby Darkstar em 19/09/2014

    Can you add an option to hide the notification bar and zoom button? I can zoom just fine with pinching and tapping without a button there for it.

  • (69 estrelas)

    por Subaru Tashiro em 18/09/2014

    Some images cant be loaded with error 405. And some urls cant be parsed.