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English 2 Khmer

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The Khmer 2 English application for Android is an 2,000 word Audio 3-way Dictionary with integrated phrase book and simplified translator for easy use. It includes offline voice recognition so you don't have to type much. It doesn't recognize every word every time but you can type or select those it doesn't to add them to the current translation, which can then be edited, saved or texted. It also has phonetic and Khmer search and browse features, a question mode where all the content shows only English until you touch it, 11 topics, you can save translations, auto-play, character analysis, a slideshow and 100 lessons. You can now text-message translations showing Khmer and English. Content and features are updated regularly.

The integration of a voice-activated 3-way audio dictionary, phrasebook, phonetic lookup and lessons is unique. It's virtually everything you need wrapped into one easy to use package that's always at your fingertips. You'll save money through cheaper prices when you speak a little Khmer negotiating with the locals.

The Khmer script can be hidden to free up the screen, made huge so you can actuall read it and if you want to see what each character stands for, simply long press it.

The phonetic translation is broken into intuitive syllables followed by the meaning of the word- not combined into one long word or phrase like you see so often.

The audio volumes are loud and clear so you can play them for people until you learn to speak them! It will literally improve the quality of your stay in Cambodia. Each of the words in the phrases are translated separately(where ever possible) so you can truly understand the phrase, remember it easier, adapt it and expand on it.

- Over 2,000 popular words and phrases with audio
- Phrase book and vocabulary lists by topics with audio
- Voice recognition translator creates a table of translated words for you to tap to hear.
- Phonetic spelling of Khmer words in English
- search English, Khmer and phonetically
- 30 lessons
- character analysis
- Question mode for all content.
- Save translations for easier look up in the future.
- Easily toggle showing Khmer script on and off.
- Variable speed Auto play audio of all content.
- Slideshow option plays randomly or as listed; option to repeat each item before next slide.
- 6 different text sizes so it will always look how you want it on your device.
- Touch any word or phrase anywhere to hear it loud and clear immediately without delays.
- Words with multiple meanings are distinguished in parenthesis
- A clean interface allows focusing on speaking and learning, not navigating.
- This app is still under development so you will get updates for more words, phrases and features
- Does not collect any user info or contain ads of any kind.

- lots. 3-way dictionary, improved formatting and accuracy.
- Better help feature, improved pronunciation spellings, phonetic search, and 30 lessons.
- added the toggle in the pop up menu to save translations in memory until you clear them manually.
- continually adding more words and refining the content, so its always best to have the latest version.

The Website www.learnitbetter.com will be backup in a few weeks but you can reach support or ask questions about this product until then at honestyrocks64@gmail.com
Feel free to make recommendations of features or content.

O que mudou recentemente nesta versão

improved formatting, swipes work for current translation, version 4 had lots of changes, see the quick operation menu under help, new audio, fixes, etc

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