kApp - Autodesk Maya 101

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This 101 introductory kApp is equivalent to one day of classroom training and provides you with in-depth information on Autodesk Maya. In this Autodesk Maya kApp you will learn about the interface, creating a primitive object, navigating 3D space, perspective and orthographic views, viewports, wireframe and shaded views, transforming objects, move tool, rotate tool, scale tool, creating a polygon tube, creating a polygon cylinder, duplicating objects, framing objects, changing pivots, creating a hierarchy, project folders, saving scene files, file formats, modeling a gear, extruding edges, merging vertices, and more.

About Knowledge Apps (kApps)
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kApp Key Features:
-Instructor-Led Courses
-Streaming High-Definition Video
-Easy to Use Controls and Navigation
-Indexed Course Material
-Advanced Search Features
-Affordably Priced
-Available Anywhere with an Internet Connection

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