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Music Player Pro's review

A local music player for your mobile device

  • Good sound quality
  • Choose your theme
  • Clean interface
  • Ad supported
  • Play lag
  • Missing file types

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"Playing For All Your Music Needs"


Music Player Pro brings you native music support in a local app. It comes with handy widgets in multiple sizes and configurations. You'll also find all the equalizer settings you need right at your fingertips. Never lose track of which albums are which with album art.


The sound quality is impressive. Being able to choose your own theme is a nice touch. There are a lot of features on tap here, from lyric support to playlist customization. The user interface and menu designs are clear and easily navigable.


The ads can be a bit much at times. It doesn't support all media file types. There was some lag between the time the play button is pushed and the song starts.


por William

Ago 28, 2015

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