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Spoty is a location based reminder. It can also be used as a call blocker and profile changer based on geofencing and proximity spots. Unlike other apps, which run the location provider 24/7 and drain the battery in the process, Spoty has advanced algorithms to save your battery, please refer to the FAQ section inside the app for use cases and best practices or contact us to assist you.

Your phone will never again ring at the cinema or at meetings. No spam calls during office hours or at night. Remind yourself to buy something when you're near the store or send SMS to friends/family near a location. Change ringtone and vibration,wifi and bluetooth based on your current Spot.


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With its advanced battery management you will never again need to disable the GPS chip on your mobile.

Make sure to watch the tutorial video.

How to test the app:
- Make sure you have enabled both Location providers in Android Settings (gps and wifi)
- Press the crosshair location icon and wait for your your location to be found,add a Spot and a Reminder by pressing the Home icon (for testing).
- Restart or Start the Service by long pressing on the Home icon or going into settings and pressing enabled.
- A reminder will fire, if not email us and we will assist you.

Never Force Stop or kill the app via task manager or otherwise it will not work and you will have to reenable the service!

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