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Photon Flash Player & Browser's review

Photon Flash Player & Browser brings Adobe Flash support to Android devices

  • Full flash support
  • Simple layout
  • User Agent
  • Incognito mode
  • Navigation speed should be increased
  • Ads are intrusive

"Flash is still alive out there"

There's a lot of debate about the future of flash. However, there are a bunch of websites out there running flash content. Having a Flash Player or a browser supporting flash still seems to be a must. That's why this app by Appverse, Inc. can be helpful.

Photon Flash Player & Browser doesn't require any Flash plugin which is currently unavailable after Adobe pulled flash support for Android officially. Just make sure you click on the lightning bolt button to view Flash websites. After that adjust Bandwith settings for an optimal Flash experience and start playing flash videos and websites.

Basically, Photon is a browser, so its layout looks like precisely that: a top bar with a simple URL bar, back and refresh buttons and tabs. It comes with some interesting features like switching drag/mouse mode, incognito browsing and multiple UA (User Agent), full-screen and bookmarks. Likewise, the browser is highly customizable: you can change bar colors and background and make it personal.

Just two catches noticed: ads are quite intrusive in its free version and smoothness and navigation speed should be increased. Besides, the app is really useful for those who have Flash needs.

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Fev 05, 2013

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