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FxGuru: Movie FX Director's review

Add FXs to your videos

  • Easy and fun
  • Edits on the go
  • Decent results
  • Needs more options

"Cheaper than hiring Michael Bay"

We know that video editing is one the unresolved matters for Android. There are just several apps able to cut and paste and merge clips on the go, but there are even less apps able to add special effects to your videos beyond hipster Instagram-like filters. FxGuru may not be our dreamed video editing app, but it's fun, works reasonably in an easy and straightforward way and offers quite quality results.

The app comes with only three starting effects to start playing with: satellite fall, background UFO and exploding barrels. If you want to enjoy bazookas, meteors, more UFOs and molotov cocktails you will have to download -thence pay for- them apart.

FXs are set at the same time you are shooting your video thanks to a on-screen grid and a timer. After a first attempt, you will get the hang of it. Likewise, you will realize how zoom in and zoom out options would have been a great addition to this app.

Anyway, you can try it for free, shoot a couple of videos for fun and then choose whether upgrading it to the full version or not.

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Fev 04, 2013

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