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ACast's review

A simple app for listening to your favorite podcasts

  • Easy to use
  • The design and usability could be better

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"All my usual podcasts"


ACast is one of the first apps for podcasts. It's an app for radio podcast lovers who want to listen to their favorite programs, without interruptions and as simply as possible.

The app lets you add your all treasured podcasts to your lists, and then adjust the settings to make sure you get all the updates. You'll actually forget the meaning of boredom with ACast!


The basic functions work well and the app is easy to use; it just needs to be set up the first time. Once in, you can search for whatever you want and use the filters to refine your results, so that you get exactly what you're looking for.


The design and the usability are a bit shaky, and there are a bunch of other similar apps with much better interfaces and overall development. Unfortunately, it's not the best option in its class.

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por Ana , Appszoom

Mai 22, 2015

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