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Hide and lock down your private photos and videos with this fully-featured security app

  • Put your private photos in lockdown
  • Many high-end Premium security features
  • Easy to use
  • Back up your photos in the cloud server
  • Some users report problems with their backup files

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"Stay away, prying eyes"


Let's just admit it - almost all of us take some photos we probably shouldn't with our mobile devices. If that's true for you, consider an app like Hide pictures - KeepSafe Vault, which includes all the tools you need to keep your private media private. The free version of the app simply lets you place photos/video into KeepSafe albums under a passcode that you define. Upgrading to Premium gives you access to many more security functions, ensuring no one will ever be able to see your stuff without your express permission.


The app is well-designed and easy to use. Choose to back up your media on KeepSafe's cloud server if you like. There's a free trial of the Premium functions, so you can check them out for yourself and decide if you need the extra security. These include disguising the KeepSafe app as an innocuous virus checker, setting up a false PIN that leads you into a fake version of the app, and silently taking photos if someone enters an incorrect PIN.


Some users have reported losing their backup files in the cloud over time, so do be careful about storing sensitive information in just one place.

Original review from Aug 03, 2011:

There are heaps of picture hiders out there, but it seems that this is a losing battle. KeepSafe really locks your compromising pictures from indiscreet eyes, needing a pin code to unlock them, but the trick may be rather clumsy. As many other lock apps, KeepSafe can be uninstalled and installed again to reset the pin code and the app icon is quite suspicious. It's true that KeepSafe does what it promises, but there's no middle ground. If your favorite spy is unable to find your photos in a changed name folder, you won't need this application. For that same spy was a standard Android user, he would quickly detect the flaws of this app and compromise your privacy. The last update brings an option to create a fake folder with a second pin in a creative way to make up for those minor flaws and makes all the difference.

In conclusion, a useful app to avoid showing pics that shouldn't be shown by mistake, but nothing else.

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