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Note Trainer Lite Learn Piano


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*** FREE lite version of Note Trainer - make learning music notes fun! ***

Move away from rote memorization techniques and learn how to read music notes in a natural and engaging way. Note trainer lite is a fun sight-reading game that teaches you to recognize music notes. The game increases in speed and difficulty over time so that you can truly learn to sight-read music notes effortlessly.

Note trainer replaces traditional flash cards and was developed in collaboration with a distinguished award-winning member of the North American Music Teachers Association and in consultation with a touring member of the Canadian National Youth Orchestra and soloist for the Hamilton Symphony.

What's in Note Trainer Lite?

* Great for those just learning to read music as well as those challenging themselves to increase the speed at which they can read music notes
* Practice mode (option to turn on or off note labels and labels on piano as you learn to read notes)
* Game mode to challenge your skills at an increasing difficulty level
* Treble clef and Bass clef modes (upgrade for sharps & flats)
* Track your scores and see when you’ve exceeded your personal best
* Achievements and badges to measure progress
* Full statistics to show where you are making mistakes and note reading accuracy

In the paid version
* Get full access to the app
* Sharps and flats mode for both bass and treble clef
* Full statistics for sharps & flats
* Ad-free experience (we hate 'em too)
* Feel warm and fuzzy about supporting the lil guys passionate about making small learning apps :)

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Fixed screen size problem for some tablets.

If you notice a size problem or if you see other bugs please email - thanks! :)

Comentários e avaliações de Note Trainer Lite Learn Piano
  • (70 estrelas)

    por blume whale em 23/05/2014

    I learned more playing it a couple times than trying to read music sheets in a couple days

  • (70 estrelas)

    por Flavio Daher em 06/04/2014

    Finally a good free choice for practicing sight reading. Unfortunately, sharps and flats are not included.

  • (70 estrelas)

    por André Fuentes em 18/03/2014

    It's great, but it needs an option to skip waves. I'd like to start at wave 30, the first ones are getting really boring

  • (70 estrelas)

    por Priss Asagiri em 05/03/2014

  • (70 estrelas)

    por Lucianna Ribeiro em 08/12/2013

    Muito bom ... Ajuda mesmo e dá pra praticar a leitura em qualquer lugar

  • (70 estrelas)

    por Walkiria Ferreira em 09/11/2013

    Bom exercício p/ desenvolver a leitura

  • (70 estrelas)

    por Murilo Timo em 31/10/2013

    Bom app. Estou treinando a clave de fá. Vale a pena pra quem quer aprender a ler partitura.

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