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Do you want to create nice cartoon figures from your camera? Let's be part of 1 MILLION users worldwide.
Just read step by step instructions and how to install from the link below.
- สำหรับภาษาไทย (for Thai) -

Have fun with creating your nice cartoon images.

You can skip info starting from this line if you have already read and followed how-to in above link. :-)

MomentCam (魔漫相机) Share is an sharing assistance application helping to share images which produced by 魔漫相机 app (ManBoker or MomentCam for Thai)

Firstly, you have to install 魔漫相机 to create cartoon pictures (all user interface in Chinese)
download -

OK you love 魔漫相机 but annoyed with difficulty to share images via Facebook, Line or Instagram.

Then, this app can help to share your cute and funny pictures.
download -

It is very easy and handful. You just install this app. Open it and press a big ded plus sign "+" on the top right to share your images.

Let's create a funny cartoon of your photos and enjoy to share them to your friends.

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