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Montagem De Fotos por LoonaPix's review

LoonaPix Effects provides a huge amount of templates for embedding your photos into.

  • Amount of templates
  • Ease of use
  • Sharing options
  • Needs categories
  • It doesn't include editing options


Love, business, cartoon, nostalgic, retro... No matter what's the date or how you feel, LoonaPix Effects provides a template for each mood. Easier's impossible: just select a template from the list, there are lots of them, pick a picture from your gallery or take it from your camera and apply. You got it!

After that you can share your creations with your friends via favorite widgets or save it to your gallery. Every will new templates will show up. Well, the only con of this app is embedding photos to static template doesn't give you many editing chances. It is what it is. Likewise, finding a template that fits with you or in which your photo matches properly could be not that easy. If you see it like what it is: an entertaining photo effects apps, it fulfill expectations.

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