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Astro FM allows to manage your files as if your phone was connected to your PC.

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"Manage your phone files as if you were in home"

Yes, it's as easy as it sounds. When you connect your phone by USB to your PC (or Mac or whatever) you can manage your files, copy, delete them and so on. Astro does exactly the same after browsing your sdcard .

It also includes a process manager to stop any current tasks. It's incredibly fast and secure, with a nice interface and easy usage. Its only flaw are the ads appearing on the lowest part of the screen, which can be eliminated by purchasing an Astro Pro Key. These ads aren't intrusive, but it's unsightly to have ads in your own phone without ever launched a game or something.

So, we believe that Astro File Manager should come by default in every Android Phone. Until then, we can just strongly recommend it.

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Mai 19, 2011

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