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    GRÁTIS is the news website of the American Family News Network and the American Family Association. It exists to present the day’s stories from a biblical perspective on such topics as politics, education, culture, national security, pro-life, media, and more. OneNewsNow features the...

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    With the AFA Action Alert app, we'll notify you once or twice a week about a critical issue facing our country. The AFA Action Alert lets you quickly and efficiently send a pre-written (or write your own) message to your elected officials or corporate executives.

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    Features: Listen to AFR and AFR Talk View Articles Listen to the radio in the background Listen to Podcasts Watch Video Clips Push Notifications American Family Radio is a listener supported broadcast ministry of the American Family Association. AFR exists to be a...

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    The AFA Action Voter Guide ( is the most distinctive and comprehensive presentation of information on candidates available at one location for values voters. Every individual voter can visit type in his or her address and be presented with their candidates and information that will...

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    Features: THE STAND Blog Divisions of AFA About AFA Push Notifications Open articles from the website in the app THE STAND represents a compilation of voices and strategies linked together for the purpose of defending religious freedom, promoting Christian values, and...

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    Urban Family Talk live streaming app. Listen to us at

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