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  • Christian Serials

    GRÁTIS is the world’s number one website for serialized faith-based fiction. Serial fiction is a newly revived form of storytelling that connects readers and writers in a way that no other story form does. Our goal is to provide a way for writers to reach readers with their...

  • The Prayer Motivator Bible




    The purpose of the Prayer Motivator Devotional Bible is to encourage you to pray to the God of the Bible everyday, without ceasing, for His glory. We hope that this special prayer-focused edition of the Bible will inspire, encourage, and motivate you to pray daily and throughout the day so that...

  • The Best New Year of Your Life

    1,49 €

    How to Forget the Troubles, Problems, and Failures of the Past and Make the New Year the Best Year of Your Life I am thankful to God for giving us time-markers. I believe that in His grace and mercy, He has done so to give us feeble and frail human beings the joy and privilege of starting over....

  • Charmaine (Serial Novel)

    1,52 €

    Years of discord between a prominent pastor and his wife culminates in her publicly refusing a simple request and it seems their marriage will end in divorce. Before long, the search begins for a new woman to take over as first lady. The only problem is, the woman who may be the pastor’s new...

  • Prophet, President, Pastor

    1,52 €

    When a Christian minister, John Coverly, is burdened by the moral decay in America, he resolves to do something about it. In a series of dreams, God gives him messages for the President of the United States. As tragedies and upheaval rock the nation, John Coverly takes his messages to the...

  • Family Drama II (Serial Novel)

    1,52 €

    "...And Family Drama Just Won't Stop II" SERIAL NOVEL Family Drama seems to never end. Monica and Jonathan have a blossoming relationship and the future looks bright for them. Will it always remain that way? Will God finally answer Pastor and Sis. Richardson’s prayer for a child...

  • Gospel Light World Radio


    Gospel Light World Radio is a Christian radio station whose purpose is to reach the world with the message of Christ through the airwaves and the internet. We are an outreach of Gospel Light Society, an online missions ministry.

  • BCNN Radio 7


    BCNN Radio 7 provides Christian talk radio and Christian music from an African-American perspective. You may tune in live, or listen to on demand programs.

  • Evangelio Luz Mundo Radio




    Evangelio la luz de radio en español es una nueva estación de radio cristiana cuyo objetivo es alcanzar el mundo con el mensaje de Cristo a través de las ondas de radio e Internet. Somos una extensión del Evangelio de la Luz Sociedad, un ministerio en línea de las misiones...

  • 7 Things Young Black Women...

    1,51 €

    Too many of America's young black women are making the wrong decisions and are going down the wrong paths for their lives. Daniel Whyte III, author of the bestselling book, Letters to Young Black Men: Advice & Encouragement for a Difficult Journey, along with his wife, Meriqua Whyte,...

  • Family Drama Just Won't Stop

    1,51 €

    Every family has its issues. How will these church families handle the sins of their past and the challenges that life is giving them? Stacy Wilmington is on her way to college when a devastating secret from her father's past threatens to ruin her relationship with him and causes her to...

  • Mo' Letters to Young Black Men

    1,51 €

    In this sequel to the bestselling book, Letters to Young Black Men: Advice & Encouragement for a Difficult Journey, Daniel Whyte III addresses more issues facing young black men in today's world. In Mo' Letters to Young Black Men, he writes about such issues as: relationships, race,...

  • Letters to Young Black Women

    1,51 €

    Daniel Whyte III never intended to write a book to young black women. He believes, according to the Scriptures, that the older women should teach the younger women. However, after Letters to Young Black Men: Advice & Encouragement for a Difficult Journey became a bestselling book, readers...

  • Letters to Young Black Men

    1,51 €

    Actually written from numerous historically black colleges, such as Tuskegee, Morehouse and North Carolina A&T, from the very heart of a black Christian minister, who has himself faced all of the perils and problems young black men face today, comes forth this book, written just for the young...

  • 365 Days of Thanking God

    1,56 €

    This book is not about the holiday called Thanksgiving.It is not about how to celebrate Thanksgiving. This book is a challenge to you to cultivate a heart of thankfulness to God and to the people He has placed in your life 365 days of the year.Thankfulness is not about keeping tradition. It is a...

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