Karl Ostmo

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HypnoTwister Live Wallpaper

Soothing, hypnotic, gently turning spiral wallpaper. Changes colors pe...

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Non-developers: Don't bother installing this unless another applic...

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Anime Character Gen.

* Anime Character Generator * Build random characters or save and sha...

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Critter Browser

Look up animal/plant species by scientific or common name, accompanied...

Grátis | 7 61

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Baixar Darth Vader "Noooo!" Darth Vader "Noooo!" icon

Darth Vader "Noooo!"

Darth Vader cursing in anguish. "Nooooooo!"

Grátis | 6.6 108

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Baixar Hiyoooo! Widget Hiyoooo! Widget icon

Hiyoooo! Widget

Ed McMahon's trademark "Hiyoooo!" from Johnny Carson&#39...

Grátis | 8 68

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Baixar Big Gulp - Dumb & Dumber Big Gulp - Dumb & Dumber icon

Big Gulp - Dumb & Dumber

Hey guys. Woah, Big Gulps, huh? All right! Well, see ya later. -- Lloy...

Grátis | 7.8 69

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Fortune Provider

Simple app that obtains a random quotation / fortune from the web. Of...

Grátis | 6.6 33

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Kanji Tutor

v2.2: Custom study sets Fun way to learn the nearly 2000 "jōyō&q...

€2,17 | 8.4 127

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ChartDroid Demo

chartdroid is an Intent-based library for anti-aliased chart and graph...

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