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  • Boston Literary Sites



    2,28 €

    Most of us know on one level or another, that Boston is a literary city. But if pressed, we can only point vaguely to the number of colleges or something similarly inane. The goal in this app was, and is, to uncover all of the rich literary history of Massachusetts in a very specific way....

  • North Carolina Travel: Raleigh

    2,26 €

    ✭ Food, Adventure and Travel in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill ✭ This app highlights local foodie finds, off the beaten path adventures, and best bets for bringing home the best of North Carolina. Those seeking an insider's view on all the Triangle has to offer shouldn't miss this...

  • Blue Ridge Traveler

    2,26 €

    It's Western North Carolina, but people who live here simply call it WNC. They think -- they live in one of the best places in the United States if not on earth. WNC is the westernmost region of the state, bordering Tennessee and is the state's mountain region. With good reason. The...

  • St Louis Uncovered

    2,26 €

    Where is best place to celebrate another Cardinal victory in downtown St. Louis? Who really brews St. Louis' best beers? And what's the deal with toasted ravioli? St. Louis Uncovered answers those questions and has a little fun as well while jammin' in the clubs of Soulard or...

  • Frankfurt in 48 Hours

    2,26 €

    Few travelers ever see more of Frankfurt than its airport and train station. Maybe they're tied up with business meetings. Maybe they're just making a connection, moving quickly on to another destination. The truth is, most people don't believe there's anything worth seeing in...

  • Oxford Travel Guide



    1,50 €

    ★ The world's most spectacular university city ★ For once you can believe the publicity: Oxford is the world's most spectacular university city bar none, packed with an extraordinary surfeit of historic colleges, church, libraries, world-class museums, and an idyllic setting in the heart...

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