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  • Wildflowers of East Texas

    Wildflowers of East Texas

    2,98 €

    Name that Flower... They cover roadsides and blanket fields and pastures, but do they have a name? Knowing your beautiful wildflower neighbors has never been easier than with this new guide to the most common and most dramatic wildflowers of East Texas. Organized by color and flower shape,...

  • Oregon Wine

    Oregon Wine



    2,23 €

    From the bustling, hipster-heavy city of Portland to the golden, undulating hills of the Columbia Valley, wine country is everywhere in Oregon. Whether you're new to wine or a unapologetic terroiriste, Oregon Uncorked will immerse you in the pleasures of Oregon's handcrafted wines. In...

  • Chicago Literary Map

    Chicago Literary Map

    2,23 €

    Beyond the bright lights and cityscapes stories unfold. Some are true, some are fiction, showing you a side of the city that often goes untold. Chicago Literary Map is charting the text and putting it in the palm of your literary-loving hand Navigate Chicago on a new level, guided by the voices...

  • Biodynamic® Wine Finder

    Biodynamic® Wine Finder

    7,38 €

    ★ The Only Guide to Demeter Certified Wines ★ BIODYNAMIC® WINE FINDER is your ticket to discovering the wonderful world of Demeter certified wines. The first and only guide to Demeter certified wines in America, BIODYNAMIC WINE FINDER gives you all the details on 150+ wines from certified...

  • Smoky Mountain Travel Guide

    Smoky Mountain Travel Guide



    2,24 €

    They don't call them the GREAT Smoky Mountains for nothing! Indeed, the Smokies is the most visited national park in the country--and this guide will show you why. It covers the best things to do in the national park as well as attractions, restaurants, accommodations, and shopping...

  • Australia's Best Places

    Australia's Best Places



    3,74 €

    This is the definitive guide to all the best places & authentic experiences across Australia from the outback to the beach, from its casually confident cities to its ancient indigenous culture. It offers insider tips on how to engage with Australia’s remarkable landscapes, its idiosyncratic...

  • T'ai Chi Chih

    T'ai Chi Chih



    7,46 €

    ★ Are you ready for a change? ★ T'ai Chi Chih is a series of 19 movements and one pose that activates, balances and circulates Chi. The movements are easy to learn, easy on the body and bring great benefits. Joy Thru Movement with originator Justin Stone is recommended for: ✔ Heightened...

  • Cannery Row

    Cannery Row



    2,23 €

    This comprehensive tour of John Steinbeck's Cannery Row and its Monterey Waterfront contains hundreds of archival photos of exactly what the Old Row was like when John Steinbeck stood where you do as he populated this world-famous stage with real people and places in his 1945 classic,...

  • Wisconsin Dells

    Wisconsin Dells

    2,23 €

    ★ Insider's guide to the world's waterpark capital ★ Wisconsin Dells is the Midwest’s #1 tourist destination, and TripAdvisor recently ranked it America’s top family destination, and third in the world. No wonder. Initially a tourist draw because of its spectacular “dells” rock...

  • World Heritage Sites

    World Heritage Sites

    2,98 €

    With this app the active and armchair traveler can travel the world: from Sydney, Australia to mysterious Easter Island, the golden onion domes of the Moscow’s Kremlin to the wildlife of Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania, from the stunning Taj Mahal, to the Dogon’s mud brick dwellings in Mali....

  • Eat Venice

    Eat Venice



    2,23 €

    Venice is one of the world’s favorite cities. Filled with paintings, sculpture and Renaissance palaces it’s one of the wonders of Western civilization. While you’d be hard put to walk along one of the romantic canals without running into a masterpiece , finding a great meal is another story....

  • Scotland's Best: Travel Guide

    Scotland's Best: Travel Guide



    0,74 €

    Planning a Scotland trip? You've come to the right place.... This fiercely independent little country on Europe's fringes is so packed with history and charm that exploring it is well worth a few weeks of anyone's time. Many visitors will already be familiar with many of the...

  • Wildflowers of Central Texas

    Wildflowers of Central Texas



    2,98 €

    Name that Flower... They cover roadsides and blanket fields and pastures, but do they have a name? Knowing your beautiful wildflower neighbors has never been easier than with this new guide to the most common and most dramatic wildflowers of Central Texas. Organized by color and flower shape,...

  • New York City Essential Guide

    New York City Essential Guide



    2,23 €

    "Worth every penny!" NYC's most current and highest rated guide is "invaluable" for first time visitors. Take juicy bites of the Big Apple with this super useful guide that narrows New York’s overwhelming options to 365 highlights and hidden gems from must-see museums to...

  • Yarn Store GPS

    Yarn Store GPS



    2,17 €

    Yarn Store GPS will help you find a local yarn store or one for your next adventure when you travel. Read about the store, see pictures of the store, and get all of the vital contact information you need in one place! This is a must have resource for the knitter, crocheter, and fiber artist. The...

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