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DEER HUNTER 2014's review

The newest and best edition of Deer Hunter so far

  • Awesome technical performance
  • Intense yet smart gameplay
  • Cooperative multiplayer
  • Bothering energy system
  • Lack of trivia or any teaching purpose

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"Beware of the bear"

Do you remember when we reviewed Deer Hunter? It was, and still is, an outstanding game, particularly once we disregard the ethical dilemmas one might have. Since then, Glu spawned a thousand and one versions of it, and it could have been using it up till the end of times. However -and fortunately- someone in Glu thought it was time for a new Deer Hunter and, though we're in September, believed appropriate to baptize it as "2014" in a FIFA-like fashion, so to speak.

In short, as you know we like brief reviews, Deer Hunter 2014 is better than anything seen before in the FPS-safari genre. Hunts are thrilling and you have to be clever and pay attention to what happens around you in order to succeed. As a technically flawless game (unless you run it on a non-latest gen device) we should stick to abstract and subjective catches to not rate it a 10. In this case, I'm wondering why no one in Glu bet for extinct or fantasy animals (sabertooth tiger, gryphon) or a "xeno" version in remote space colonies, or even an "After Earth" version.

Anyway, it doesn't matter what this game could have been, because what it is is the best hunting game on market. And please, don't miss the co-op mode.

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por Peter , Appszoom

Nov 28, 2014

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