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Decorate the perfect island and keep the dinosaurs happy

  • Fun to play
  • Very complete, many features
  • Good tutorial
  • Repetitive

"Dinosaur Hatch"

Dino Island is an Android application that allows users to raise some dinosaurs from babies to adults. Also, you can breed them in order to discover new dinosaur species.

Follow the tutorial and learn the most important game features and the island secrets. What we like most about Dino Island is that there's always something to do: construct buildings, hatch eggs, take care of the dinosaurs, build habitats and lots of other actions in order to turn the island into a beautiful and lovely place.

A very complete application with various type of dinosaurs with different properties, new hybrids and many other decorations and other items to collect and purchase.

DOODLE MOBILE INC is the developer of Dino Island, a complete and colorful dinosaur management game. It's not different from other island games, but it's equally fun.

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