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Assustar seus amigos - PIADA!'s review

Scare your friends by selecting a horror face and sound

  • Good for making fun of your friends
  • gets boring
  • sound doesn't always work


Scare your friends Shock is a funny application for Android that simply tries to scare your friends. It's easy to use, just go to options, choose one scary image from the available, the sound you prefer and the time until the scare. Then, you can lend your phone to your friend (or manage to install the app and set it in his phone) and wait for the scary face to appear and creep him out.

Definitely, it's a simple app for having a good time with friends but the problem is that it's not that scary and it could be much better. When you're using other apps meanwhile, the screen turns black for a second before the face appears and that makes the shock less effective.

FUN BOX is the developer of Scare your friends Ultimate and other similar apps that you can also try and play with. It could be better but for doing it a couple times it can be funny enough.

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