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Minecraft-like creative survival quest on a deserted island

  • Ultra creative, open-ended
  • Various difficulty levels, including Sandbox
  • Huge randomly generated worlds
  • Excellent blocky graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Sandbox apart, it's super difficult!

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"Marooned on Block Isle"


Survivalcraft is one of the best Minecraft-like games out there for mobile. The premise is simple: just survive as long as you can on a deserted island made of blocks, inhabited only by blocky cows and boars that will definitely not stop chasing you if you're so bold as to give 'em a punch (kids, learn from my mistakes). The longer you run around exploring, the more you'll need to refill your hunger and health meters, so figure out creative ways to get what you need to keep alive while poking around the gridular world. Build farms, shelters, or whatever crazy construction you can dream of while scrapping for survival.


Super creative and open ended. Different game modes allow you to set the difficulty level anywhere from Sandbox to Impossible. Graphics are lovely blocky in that classic Minecraft style, and controls are surprisingly intuitive for the level of complexity on a small screen.


Sandbox mode apart, the survival modes are legit toughies! In my estimate, that's a good thing, but younger players might be frustrated with the frequency of respawning. No tutorial either - just a help index - but guessing and learning as you go can also be part of the fun.

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