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Esmaga Formiga Jogo Gratis's review

Don't let the ants fall

  • Fun & addictive
  • Easy and simple
  • Easy to lose
  • If you fail you need to start again

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"Smash the Bugs"

Ant Smasher is a fun game where your objective is pretty simple: smash the bugs that keep falling down on the screen.

You just need to tap on the ants and bugs that keep appearing, but beware of that evil bee and don't touch it; otherwise the game will end and you'll have to start again. Try to catch all the bugs before they reach the floor.

The design is good and it's curious to see how the bugs die, pretty realistic given the fact that it's merely a smartphone application. In conclusion, this is a fun and entertaining game that will keep you playing for a while, as it's really addicting. However, it's fairly easy to lose (unless you're experienced) and consequently, it becomes annoying having to start over again all the time.

Best, Cool & Fun Games - Free Game Top Touch App is the creator of this game, its paid version and another app available in the market. Download for a fun time alone or with friends.

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