Clube de Tiro 2: Sniper

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Clube de Tiro 2: Sniper's review

A sniping game on a chaotic scenario

  • Intense and thrilling gameplay
  • Realistic feeling
  • Free
  • Graphics and touch response should be improved

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"One shoot is enough"

Being member of the selected club of realistic sniping games, Shooting club 2 preserves all the classical elements of sniping games: enemies will hide and even cover behind innocents; you can choose among real weapons with different atributes (regrettably only eight of them) and wind plays a key role. In addition, this game involves heartbeat in the mix (something we might not have seen since Metal Gear Solid, I'm afraid) and serious flying times because, you know, bullets don't teleport.

In a game where accuracy is so important, it's a pity that graphics aren't better, and touch response may play more than a dirty trick on you. Fortunately, tutorial missions are excellent, and there are quite a handful of missions to be enjoyed.

Lastly, we'd like there were any kind of cooperative gameplay, or at least a campaign with a storyline. That would be great, but it's a free game anyway, so don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

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Jun 04, 2013

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