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  • Ogame players will feel comfortable
  • Too linear and predictable
  • Newcomers are unprotected against veteran players
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Ver maior - captura de tela Galactic Clash para Android
Ver maior - captura de tela Galactic Clash para Android
Ver maior - captura de tela Galactic Clash para Android
Ver maior - captura de tela Galactic Clash para Android
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"Can 67534 fighters shoot down a cruiser?"

Comentado por / Jul 30, 2013

An online strategy game

Galactic Clash looks like (it indeed is) those web-browser online massive multiplayer strategy games, namely Ogame and any other of the umpteen competitors it had at the time before online RPGs become mainstream. Your goal is to build up resources, take unclaimed colonies over and raise a fleet to getting on your rivals' nerves.

Everything follows either an arithmetic or exponential sequence, so every time you have to invest far more time and resources in order to advance. Overall gameplay is static and linear, only interrupted by you bullying a noob or you being overwhelmed by a veteran player. Artwork, which is what usually salvages this kind of games, isn't remarkable at all.

If you like Ogame-like games, here's somehow a mobile version. Otherwise, there isn't much to be seen here, no matter if buildings are shown as if it were a real time strategy game ala Starcraft.

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Galactic Clash is a Real-time strategy game.
After traveling through space for months, you've finally arrived on an undeveloped planet with the mission of turning it to a mighty empire.
You have to:
Collect natural resources like crystal, metal and deuterium to develop your planet.
Construct economic and military infrastructure buildings to support next greatest technological upgrade.
Research technologies to improve space ships, and perform various missions to explore the galaxy where you are.
Build fleets and defenses to prevent the potential enemy over the galaxy.
Wage wars against other players to gain the valuable materials and earn your fame in the galaxy.
Expand your territory by colonizing more planets in Star Empire, develop multi-planets simultaneously help you strengthen your power more faster.
Join an alliance and cooperate with other players, to be the strongest organization in the galaxy, trade resources among members, you are not alone in the galaxy.

Star Empire Features:
- Play in an online world with thousands of players
- Establish and manage multiple colonies
- Find and gather resources across the galaxy
- Research advanced technologies and construct fleets
- Join or create an alliance and cooperate with allies
- Global and Alliance live chat system
- Ranking system to show the powerful players or alliances

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1. use red star to mark the stronger group in tournament;

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  • (42)

    por Gustavo Raasch em 07/03/2015

    Não intendo esse jogo e é chato

  • (42)

    por Eldade Arjun em 26/12/2014

    É muito bom

  • (42)

    por eliomar borges em 12/11/2014


  • (42)

    por Wilson Cruz. Nascimento em 30/10/2014


  • (42)

    por Damião Santos em 09/10/2014

    Depois dou 5 stars

  • (42)

    por ADILSON FILHO em 09/10/2014

    Parece cer um jogo muito da hora

  • (42)

    por Raphael Moura em 25/09/2014

    Bom game, a unica coisa que falta para ser 5 estrelas é ser traduzido para português-BR

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