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  • Technically adequate
  • No multiplayer or co-op mode
  • It needs more scenarios and stuff
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"Shoot anyone moving."

Comentado por / Apr 05, 2013

An offline FPS

Now that FPS games (First Person Shooters) are regularly coming to Android, we have to assume that not all games can be as good as we want. What I was trying to tell is that this democratization of FPSs not always run along our beloved devices' technical. specs.

Gun & Strike is a usual FPS, however, in order to reach the maximum number of allowed devices, it sacrifices some inalienable features, being reduced to its core and little more. In this game, you can freely roam but will compulsory kill the same enemies over the same scenarios. There are a handful of weapons, but not enough variety of enemies and places. Likewise, once you are bored of playing solo, the biggest flaw will arise: there's no cooperative mode anywhere, nor you can go online. You have to play solo, which isn't as bad when there's a campaign behind, but it's a bore when there isn't any.

Yes, it's free. Give it a go, of course. However, you'll eventually realize it's quite limited.

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A descrição original do desenvolvedor está disponível aqui
"Gun & Strike 3D" is a 3D shooting game.The game has a hot and realistic battle scenes, smooth operation, rich weapon system, the intelligent enemies regulation system, and the players can upgrade the property of the system. We will let you put it down, waiting for what ?Try the mobile version of Gun & Strike 3D!
★ A full range of weapons systems: covers let you experience the thrill of Fun variety of firearms, from pistols, submachine guns to the whole set of firearms sniper rifle, nine kinds of weapons are free for you to choose, such as Desert Eagle,AK47,SG552,M4A1,MP5,AUG,P90,M3,MAC10, etc;
★ The player attributes to upgrade the system: by destroying the enemy to drop coins can upgrade player attributes, including attack power and defense, superior fighting;
★ Terrorists of intelligent regulation system: the play effect you want to achieve by adjusting the number of enemies (1-11) and wisdom (0-100), you can continue to challenge their own limits;
★ A variety of different combat postures: standing shooting, squat shooting battle switch clip to experience realistic course of the fighting;
★ Radar systems: radar system can see the orientation and the number of the enemy, the better to grasp the combat situations;
★ Realistic visuals: the strong distinctive sound of a real battle screen effects and rhythm, such as shooting, running, and death.
★ Free Games: Free download, free coins, you do not pay also can play cool.

We will let you put it down, waiting for what ?Try the mobile version of Gun & Strike 3D!

O que mudou recentemente nesta versão

fixed red blocks in the scene
better controls
Optimize resources,improve the loading speed
fixed lost coins

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