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O Teste Estúpido | The Stupid's review

Answer the trick questions and evaluate your stupidity

  • Funny and entertaining
  • Sharing with friends
  • Not real intelligence questions
  • It can get boring after a while

"The Stupid Test knows it all"

The Stupid Test is one in the long list of apps that ask you trick questions in order to evaluate your intelligence and wit. It consist of several trick questions divided into 35 stages where you can only fail the question a set number of times before you lose.You need to get to he next checkpoint in order to save your progress; otherwise you'll have to start again. This game is really similar to the others regarding the concept; however, the questions are quite different and are not always based on your intelligence but on simply random actions like tilting your phone or rotating it.

So in short, the game is funny and entertaining but you can't possibly take it seriously as it has no scientific proof whatsoever; it's only a fun way to spend your time and to dare your friends.

BBM is the developer of The Stupid Test and its full paid version. If you keep downloading this kind of tests and enjoy showing them to your friends, you'll probably like this one as well. Have fun and see who gets more questions right.

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Ago 31, 2011

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