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Put yourself in a Minion's shoes and impress your evil boss

  • Outstanding design, graphics and animations
  • Really fun and addictive
  • Not original, similar to other popular apps

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"Gru, my favorite villain"

In this Despicable Me game, your objective as a minion is to complete many tasks in order to impress your boss, evil Gru! In a Temple Run/Subway Surfers style, you need to guide the minion along the way and help him dodge the obstacles and collect the various power-ups he will come across.

The controls are no mystery: swipe up to jump, swipe down to slide and swipe left or right to turn. Also, as a novelty, you will also get to use tilt controls in several parts of the game, where things get even more challenging and you'll need to be extremely focused.

The design of the interface and the familiar scenes is outstanding; the locations are full of tricky obstacles and the game is incredibly addictive from the first minute. Whenever you die, you will obtain your villain score, the number of bananas collected and the distance run: your mission accomplishment will make the score multiplier increase, so completing the given tasks should be a priority.

Don't forget you can also customize your favorite Minion and discover new features as you keep advancing. Gameloft is the developer of Despicable Me and other popular games based on successful movies, being this one of the most entertaining.

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Nov 26, 2014

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