Egypt Zuma - Temple of Anubis

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Egypt Zuma - Temple of Anubis's review

The paradigma of bubble-blasting

  • Amount of levels, power-ups and other varied stuff
  • Bubble-blastingly flawless
  • Yet another bubble blasting game

"Three of a kind, three"

It happens that sometimes you just want to enjoy a game without worries about whether will it run properly, or complex plots or too demanding gameplay. Yes, it's bubble blasting time! You already know how it works, join bubbles in groups of three of a kind and make combos. By the way, this Egypt Zuma not only comes with a delicious muteable tune , but also incorpores aaall the known powerups in the genre and the most twisted paths ever. As if this wasn't enough, there's an upgrade system and the hardly ever seen before option to tap twice on your bubble launcher to discard the current ball, though it's faster to throw it nowhere.

Therefore, even though this game won't ever be put as an example of anything other than gameplay, it's actually a very good gameplay. It's, in short, as it should be.

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Abr 04, 2013

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