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Help Twilight Sparkle build a new town and accomplish all tasks

  • Fun for kids
  • Good design, appropriate and engaging
  • Not really original, simple gameplay

"Twilight Sparkle and her friends"

MY LITTLE PONY is an application based on the popular creatures made famous in the 80s.

After being locked away for centuries, Nightmare Moon is set free and destroys Ponyville. But there is Twilight Sparkle, who will help their friends rebuild the beautiful town they live in and achieve their dreams.

At all times, you can check out the tasks, which are listed on the book located at the top left side of the screen. Accomplish all of them in order to advance through the levels and keep unblocking new ponies and features. In every level, there will be new tasks to accomplish and the gameplay will be more complex.

Gameloft is the developer of this popular game, My little pony and many other games for iOS and Android. The app includes several mini-games and allows you to connect your experience via the social networks so as to share your achievements with your friends. A fun and well-designed app for kids, although you should disable the purchasing options first.

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