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Mobile Flight Simulator

  • Addictive gameplay
  • Easier to learn than it might first look like
  • Graphics and sound could be enhanced

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"Control tower, do you read me?"

Honestly, the first I do every time I review a flight simulator, no matter where it comes from, is to crash, the badlier the better, because there is where laws of physics must do their best. I can say in advance that planes in this game crash pretty well, especially when on sea. On land, physics work as they should, but you aren't delighted with the view of your plane in flames but a frozen screen and a sad message.

Graphics are average, which is indeed something good because it means it can run on a lot of different devices. Regarding sound, yes, there's sound if that's what you were asking, and also an option to switch it off.

Gameplay, which was why we came for, is shallow, to put it in a few words. It's closer to arcade than we would have liked, though there are some details that honor it. For example, landing gear is downed and raised accordingly, and you have to park your plane in a hangar or wherever. Missions are timed, so you'll have to struggle with the radar to get the maximum scores.

In conclusion, any of the titles in VascoGames's Flight Simulator series are worthy of be given a go by any flight enthusiast, and even non usual players of the genre may like it. However, they might not be as demanding and realistic as you would like, being sophisticated casual games in the end.

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