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Online Soccer Manager (OSM)'s review

An online soccer management game

  • Awesome UI
  • Amount of players
  • Easy to learn, clear info
  • Overall, no complaints

"Next Guardiola may!"

OFM, in case you don't already know it from GameBasics browser game, it's a MMO strategy game with nearly a million players. If it has stood out in front of the bunch of other online soccer strategy games is because its awesome user interface, its thousand and one options and its many surprises such as secret trainings or the chance to send spies to find out what your opponents are hatching. And it's free to play, as this app is.

It should be said that this game is awesome from the very beginning. The introductory video is highly motivational, you can smoothly browse menus and enjoy detailed statistics of nearly everything.

Sometimes, when popular online games try to adapt themselves to a mobile device they use to lose features or become messier (have Facebook as an unfortunate example). However, this is not that case. OFM app replaces your usual laptop or home computer gaming, so you can make the most of your train or bus trips managing your squat, buying players or building a better stadium. In addition, connection via Facebook easily allows to create leagues to be played with your friends. There's also a great localization effort, so this app supports nearly twenty languages.

Therefore, if you are looking for a soccer management game, here's not only one of the best if not the best, but also the one with the best app to play it on an Android. Perfect for usual management games players, soccer fans and those who want to get into sport management but don't want to install a nerve-racking game.

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Out 11, 2012

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