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Chamando Todos os Mixels's review

Lego plus Cartoon Network equals Action plus Tower Defense

  • Magnificent visual and audio design
  • High-quality goofy cutscene animations of dancing Mixels
  • Tons to explore
  • Great for kids
  • Includes in-app purchases on top of ticket price
  • Requires very high end device

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"Mix n' match"

You know good things are going to happen when Lego and the Cartoon Network team up. Calling all Mixels is a mish-mash of a game that will appeal directly to kids' sense of ADD adventure and genuine goofiness.

Mixels are robotic-like critters that can be combined to create new beings with ultra-awesome powers. Unfortunately, the dastardly Nixels have stolen them all away into giant safes. Explore the sprawling worlds to do battle with the hordes of Nixels, making use of the various ultra-awesome powers to take 'em out and rescue your friends. Once they're safely back in your cadre, mix 'em up and see what happens. Hybrid powers are only accessible by cross-tribe Mixes, so wild experimentation is highly recommended.

The graphic and sound design is outstanding, as you'd expect from Cartoon Network. The frequent cartoon cutscenes of Mixels doing their goofball thing add a ton of high-quality laughs.

A complaint: the app isn't free, and on top of the purchase price come various in-app purchases to upgrade your Mixels. That seems like an unnecessary twist of the knife given that we've paid to play in the first place.

Still, Calling All Mixels is an expansive, engaging world for young explorers, colorful and manic enough to hold their attention while you sip a cool glass of Chardonnay (or whatever it is that you adults do these days).

Please note that this app requires OS 4.0 or above, plus 1 GHz dual-core with 512 mb of RAM and above. My Nexus 7 ran it fine. Just make sure you're using a high-end device.

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