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    Gather your courage and set out on a journey where only the fearless can survive! Visitors of an ancient castle are disappearing one by one! Is there a dark secret lurking behind its walls? Detective Stone is here to collect the evidence and throw light on these creepy events. Download for free Haunted Castle Hidden Objects Mystery Game of Fear and reveal the secrets concealed in the obscure corners! Play this addicting game and help our detective solve the mystery of the haunted mansion from the times long gone! Discover lost secrets and explore cursed places, the perfect abode of vampires, ghosts and other undead creatures! The best "finding object games" are already on the market, so start your objects search right now and take part in the most exciting "adventure games" full of suspense and thrill!

    Haunted Castle Hidden Objects Mystery Game of Fear - the best enchanted castle game with lots of options:

    Mystery hidden object game 2017 free localized into 15 languages!
    Search for more than 200 objects inside the dark rooms of a haunted mansion!
    Picture search – find the object matching the one shown in the picture
    Silhouette hidden objects – a new challenging level to find items
    Word scramble game level – train your brain and find the hidden figures!
    Flashlight/night mode level – use the light to find the hidden objects
    Match pairs – a memory game to improve your memorizing skills by matching cards
    Find the difference – a perfect brain teaser to "spot the difference" in the picture
    Time limit game – a bonus level to improve your concentration skills

    Haunted Castle Hidden Objects Mystery Game of Fear - fun searching game with seek and find objects!

    Reveal the dark secrets of this fearsome place full of spooky rooms and eerie nooks! Explore dark corridors and creepy places full of hidden objects lurking in the dark! Seek and find the hidden objects from the menu below and click on them. If you need a hint, click on the magnifying glass. To find the items easier, zoom inthe picture! Then move the zoomed picture to look for the hidden figures scattered all around the mystery house. Check out the additional features of the best free "hidden games" and have tons of fun! Haunted Castle Hidden Objects Mystery Game of Fear is an all-in-one app - puzzle games, find the difference, match pairs memory game, world scramble and more! This can be a great free language learning game and a game of fear that will keep the boredom away for hours!

    In this mystery game getting away unscathed is a privilege! What kind of a supernatural force has possessed this once magnificent fantasy castle full of splendor? Get ready for a trip to the mystery mansion and play the best adventure games! Haunted Castle Hidden Objects Mystery Game of Fear will keep you at the edge of your seat all the time! Each of the 10 levels is crammed with haunted objects, each of which is a clue to the final solution to the puzzle. If you are into horror games, are fascinated by zombies, vampires and ghosts and like to roam around enchanted castles and haunted houses, this mystery game to search and find hidden objects is a perfect form of entertainment for you!

    Help our detective break the curse and liberate the spirits of the deceased tenants! The spooky haunted objects are scattered all around the dark rooms covered with a veil of mystery. But we believe in you! Be the winner of this mind game and find the hidden items to lead you to the final discovery! The mystery of the old house is under the cover of darkness, so be a courageous detective to solve the mystery case full of twists and turns. Place yourself among the most famous ghost hunters and be on the lookout with every step you take in this ghost castle! Have a lot of fun and enjoy fantastic graphics and scenes that will take you to the places from fairy tales and Gothic novels! Do you believe in magic? After this amazing experience you surely will!

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