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    * Relax Noise 3 ajuda a manter o foco em um ambiente agitado, quer seja em casa ou no escritório, e oculta ruídos indesejados através dos sons branco, rosa ou vermelho em segundo plano.
    * Também auxilia em relação ao Tinnitus, assim como dispositivos Tinnitus masker ou Tinnitus noiser.
    * Desligue automaticamente o gerador de ruídos através do marcador de tempo programável.
    * respeita sua privacidade e está livre de publicidade!

    Relax Noise 3 masks nerving ambient noise and also your tinnitus with white, pink or red background noise.
    All three noise signals are random signals but with different acoustic colours:
    - White noise has a flat power spectral density and corresponds to the background noise of electronic amplifiers (thermal or resistor random noise).
    - Pink noise has a power spectral density which is inversely proportional to the frequency (1/f). Pink noise occurs in electronic devices (flicker radom noise) and also as ambient noise in the nature. It sounds like leaves rustling or rushing water.
    - Red or brown noise has like pink noise a decreasing power spectral density but it is louder at lower frequencies (1/f²). In nature it sound similar to waterfalls, heavy rainfalls or to the sounds of the sea.

    Just choose the ambient noise which you like most. Adjust the sound volume rather low so you can still hear the environmental noise.
    Never use it in road transport or while driving a car!!!
    You can also program the timer to turn off Relax Noise 3 automatically after an adjustable period of time. Setting the timer to "00:00" means that the timer is disabled and the random noise generator runs endless.

    Relax Noise 3 respects your privacy: Our random noise generator does not require any internet access and is free of advertising banners!

    - 3 random noise sounds: white noise, pink noise
    - programmable timer (1min–24hours) to turn the noise generator off
    - adjustable random noise volume
    - dimmable background

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